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let's climb!

Rock-wall climbing is a great workout and fun for the whole family! Gravity's Edge TX in Abilene is a mobile wall available for your special events and parties or for an Outdoor Private Workout! 

Our Services

Bookings Subject To Approval

All Booking must be made at least 24hrs. in advance.

Our Climbing Tower has some size requirements that we just can’t ignore.

When we arrive at your location, our length is 40’ and we’re heavy.  The Tower weighs close to 2 tons on it’s own, so your location has to have solid ground for us to set up.  Concrete or asphalt is best, we can use packed earth if it is dry and stable.  As always, the safety of our climbers is our main concern.

Our Tower stands 28’ tall.  We can’t have any nearby power lines, tree limbs or other obstructions within 20’ feet of our location.  The weather also has to be considered.  Obviously lightning and high winds will stop our operations immediately.

One last obstacle to us using your location are any gates we have to come through.  Our preferred minimum clearance is an 8’ width and 8’ height opening.

We look forward to hosting your event and seeing the smiles on your faces after you have rung the bell!

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